Thursday, August 28, 2008


Brighton 7 - Prairie View 1
Can we blame it on first game jitters??
After sitting out the first 10 minutes, Glenn was in the remainder of the game (70 minutes).
We thought he did a good job and held his own. He told us he had butterflies.
After his first slide tackle, it seemed to spur him on and his nervousness left. He took all of the goal kicks and most of the free kicks.
Glenn doing a free kick
Glenn in action

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In the News

Glenn (the younger one) made the newspaper - the local Brighton Blade. I show up at his practice tonight and he comes over and says, "Good news, apparantly I am in the Brighton newspaper and Mrs. Karl wants me to autograph it!!" He was smiling from ear to ear.
What an ego booster!! Congrats Glenn - we are SOOOO proud of you!!
If you click on the document it should pop up larger so you can read it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kaitlin's Soccer has Begun!! =)

Kaitlin's season started this weekend.
They had 2 games, played Boulder Force Pilots and tied 2-2 and played Rush and won 2-1. With her old team, she'd play left mid (midfielder) but with this one her coach has her at left full back. She's never played defense before and I have to admit... I think she is an AMAZING defender. She's very solid and strong.
She had just got done heading the ball - had quite a few in this game.

Look how the other girl is slamming into Kaitlin. That girl was getting so mad at Kaitlin. Kaitlin would take the ball away alot and the girl started to kick the back of her legs.... at least that's what Kaitlin said!!
See - here's another header.. luckily she was right in front of me so I got to capture the facial expression too!!
And finally... the gut ball.
We love watching our kids play soccer... there is nothing else we love doing more. Glenn's first game is against Brighton High on Thursday... can't wait to take pictures of the varsity soccer game!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Congrats Glenn!!!!!!

Way to go Glenn!!
(above pictures were from his club team - he's the one kicking - of course!!)
He made the PVHS VARSITY soccer team!!

The only Freshman on the team!! :)

It's complete

YAY!! We are finally done with the pond/waterfall.

The pond with the bridge &
the waterfall/stream

There were several tons of rock that we hand picked and hauled ourselves. We were going to do a curved bridge, but decided it would be too hard and wanted to be done with it. We had already purchased all the decking material and if we changed it, well it would have cost too much more. So we are living with it for now... maybe in the future we'll curve it.

We have 8 fish in the pond... 2 Koi and 6 Goldfish... they are growing every day and love it when we feed them. The first couple weeks they were scared and hid.. but now, you lay on the bridge, tap your fingers on the water and they come to play!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beginning

I thought in an effort to keep in touch with family and friends a blog would be a good idea. Bear with me as I am learning the blogging ropes!

The kids started school on the 14th... both freshman in highschool. Glenn seems to have a new attitude when it comes to school and homework. He is trying out for the varsity soccer team and I think that is his main motivation. He knows he has to keep his grades up in order to play on the team!
The kids have very busy schedules and keep mom and dad very busy keeping up with them.

Between school soccer practices, club soccer practices and band practices...our evenings go late and oft times we are not all home until 8:30. Kaitlin is an assistant manager for the boys soccer team, plays for Westminster Mundial U15 girls and is in marching band.

So we are off to the beginning of a new year. Check back for more updates!!