Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Our morning ran like this... remember - Glennie is 16 now.. 16. Glennie got up at 1:15...opened his stocking stuffers and organized the presents then went into the basement and played Xbox. Glenn woke up at 2 ish... checked on the kids and found Glennie in the basement... kicked him off and made him go back to bed.. at which point then Glennie snuck out AGAIN went into the family room and read a book till he fell asleep on the couch. Nerd Bucket! Kaitlin got up at 5:30 and woke him up... at which point they tried to get us up. We managed to talk them into 6 and started our fun then. Here are some photos of our fun.
All the presents organized and into piles
Before we could start opening presents, Glenn read Luke Chapter 2.
A milestone here in the Ellis household. Glenn's 1st razor!! Say it ain't so!
Kaitlin's cute white/fur hooded puffy vest
Glennie got his digital camo pants!
Kaitlin and her cute fur lined boots
The aftermath
The rest of our day will be cleaning up and then we'll have a nice roast with gravy, twice baked potatoes, honey glazed carrots and rolls... with oreo pudding pie for dessert! Mmmmmm

Christmas Eve Celebrations

We celebrated with Jeff & Sara on Christmas Eve this year. Here's some photos
Almost all of us!
Kaitlin opening her PJ's
Glenn opened his jammies
Ben opening a present from us
Sophie opening her present, Abby watching
Sam just got done opening his
Kaitlin open from Jeff & Sara
Kaitlin opened from Auntie Dianne
Glenn's present from Auntie Dianne - love this one!!
the other side of the shorts
Jeff and Ben
Glenn's ornament
Kaitlin's ornament
Trying to get a photo of the kids in their jammies
Trying again
Gave up after this photo
Merry Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I LUV Nerds!!

'dem dare are sum fine lukin peepul
taint dem sew purdy? now dontcha git on der bad syde
errr dem guna STARE u down
LOL - SOOooooo many of you NEVER see this side of my family. Kaitlin and Glenn are the quiet reserved ones! I guess when they get into 'TRUE' form their 'real' personalities come out!! LOL
Trust me - You HAVE to watch the video!!

One thing that we TOTALLY missed getting on camera was Kaitlin found a whistle that Glenn wore around his neck. He then proceeded to blow in the whistle - however, the whistle got stuck in his goatee and just sat there... now THATS what I call a TRUE nerd!! LOL