Monday, May 18, 2009


Welp... they say to wait until Mother's Day weekend to plant a garden... so that's just what we did. The day after mothers day we were out there planting away and we can't wait till we see some green peaking through the soil. We figure should be the end of this week... then when they get a few inches we'll go through and thin everything out. It's so much fun watching veggies grow.
We planted 4 rows of corn, wax beans, green beans, snow peas, peas, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin. We are hoping our dear ol mole does not return...time will tell. Our mole ate about 1/2 our crop last year, he pulled stalks of corn down his hole, whole melon plants, cucumbers etc. I hope he's gone... but have a sneaky feeling he is gonna come back our way.
Here's Glenn prepping the soil
Planting COOOOORRRNNNNN (my all time favorite.... who needs anything else for dinner when it's corn season!!)
All ready to go!!

My budding photographer

I just saw ALLLL these photos on my camera - I guess Kaitlin got photo happy!! :)
Kaitlin took a bunch of Izzy & Zoey.... I have to say, I was quite impressed!! Thought I'd share.

Academics & Letters

Lady Thunderhawks Varsity Soccer
The school year is wrapping up. We just had a soccer banquet for PVHS girls soccer teams. All the girls showed up with yearbooks in tow to sign!!
Kaitlin was on the varsity team and got her letter. She was also awarded an all academic selection in the league and academic all state first team with CHSAA. Way cool, way awesome stuff for her!! Way to go Kaitlin!!
Here's Kaitlin and her friend, Daly, at the soccer banquet just after they received their letters!!
Way to go girls!!
Here's a video of Kaitlin getting her letter

Friday, May 8, 2009

Band/Choir Gala

Another year of school is winding down. The years sure do fly by... the kids grow up SOOO fast. Before we know it they will be on their own.. wahhhhhh :(

I truly wish I could freeze this time of our lives and keep living it forever!! I love having teenagers!! They are a hoot!!
Last night the kids had the band/choir gala. The PVHS staff cooked hot dogs and hamburgers, while everyone brought stuff to go along. It was nice to be outside - even if the acoustics aren't the best - just nice to have something different for a change. Glenn says he is moving to Trubador's choir next year...audition/selection only group and he made it. Good for him!! Kaitlin was gonna give up band, but decided to stick with it and continue to play the flute. She is grateful that marching band isn't mandatory anymore! :)

Here's some pictures and a video
This is Glenn, Courtney(Kaitlin's friend) and Kaitlin

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Holy non blogger

I have totally neglected my blog... sorta kinda... been too busy with work!! Right now I should be writing up an appraisal... but I just dont wanna. I need some time away from work!!
Here's a glimpse into the past lil while
PVHS girls soccer went to the playoffs!! 1st year in PVHS history... they ended up losing 5-0, but what an accomplishment!! Way to go Thunderhawks.
My 3 year old washer broke. I had a WONDERFUL handyman fix it and it only cost me $61 to fix!! Pays to marry an engineer!! :) (Glennie's hair was painted gold for the PVHS/Brighton rivalry game)

Kaitlin had an abscessed tooth. She had a cavity filled in the fall... now it just started hurting her... we took her to the dentist which she couldn't get a root canal for over a week and 2 days after the dentist visit she swelled up. From her eye to her neck and the middle of her face to her ear. Thankful for antibiotics, the swelling went down and she got the root canal done today!! Sorry no photos - she wouldn't let me take any - do you blame her!! :)

This photo is from the rivalry game against Brighton

I got my new comforter and painted my bedroom...not quite done...need to do the bathroom and then clean up the edges a tad more. When I make more money then I will get more decorations to pull it all together!

Basement theater room vinyl is done - Wahoo - still need to do my scrabble pieces...soooo not done yet.

Glennie started a reffing job for Reunion Rec. Center. Just till June 11...but it least it'll give him some money and some experience. He is now talking about taking a class to become state certified. We'll see if he really does like to ref after he gives this a shot!!