Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Kaitlin Brag

Kaitlin is taking a digital photography class in school. One of her assignments was a landscape photo. She just got a letter from her teacher yesterday telling her her photo was selected to be in the art show!! YAY for Kaitlin!!
Check out the photo

Spring Break

I had some window washers and painters come to my house for Spring Break. It is such a good thing that workers are hard up for money now a days. I got some pretty cheap labor - $20 a person in fact. The boy even threw in a free paint job!! Man... that's what I call a screamin' deal!! :)
Here's the window washer dude... look at that concentration - even his tongue is stickin' out!! LOL (he actually looks a tad bit buff too) ;-]
Now the other half of the window washers is this girl here. She looks like she got attacked by Freddy Krueger in the middle of the night tho - check out that Freddy Kreuger shirt - I'd hate to have her nightmares.
So - yeah - I got my blinds dusted and windows cleaned on the inside by Kreuger's sidekick there and that ripped dude who likes to stick his tongue out cleaned the windows on the outside and my screens too. Sweetness... Need to hire these two more often!! They did an AWESOME job...maybe next time they'll even get paid more too. So if any one out there needs their windows done... call me - I can set you up with Kreuger girl and ripped/tongue dude!! :)

Now onto the 3 days worth of a painting project!! I've had Glenn's comforter for a few years. I am ashamed to say - I have NEVER in his 16.5 yrs on this earth - ever painted a room for him. Now he seems to be putting his clothes away in his drawers and hanging them up...making his bed every day and opening his blinds... I think to myself... I should have done this YEARS ago!! Maybe all those arguments would have been avoided!!

Glenn(ie) and I painted the tan on, then Glenn and I painted the cream that same evening. We had to let it dry a whole day before we taped over the cream. I had to 'test' the red - to make sure it was gonna work.
So the next evening, we taped over the cream then started with the red and touched up the tan from the ceiling to the stripe and the tan below the stripes. We had to put 4 coats of red on the wall... so finished it up the 3rd day - and wah-la - the end result is quite awesome!!