Friday, July 24, 2009

A trip with good eats!! :P

We took a little trip to UT. We lived there for a total of 9 years before moving to Colorado. We decided since we weren't in the Steamboat Springs soccer tournament this year, we would head out of town anyway and to UT it was. Turns out my best friend, Trish, was heading there too the same weekend!! We used to live just down the street from them and became instant friends.

So we spent Friday - Monday in Salt Lake. We priceline'd a hotel and got the Hilton downtown for $64 a night. Normally $160/night. Needless to say I was happy and excited. We were hoping for the Marriott since it has access to the mall, but ended up getting the Hilton.
So Friday's first stop was MORELIA'S. All I can say is, as I am typing this my mouth is watering. Mmmmm...ohhhh sooooo good. Chile Verde Chimichanga... fresh salsa...mmmmm
After Morelia's we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. We thought it would be a good thing for the kids to do... something that they are old enough to remember. They've been in other open houses...but they were little and don't remember it. What a great way to start our trip. The temple was SO pretty and I absolutely loved the chandeliers and etchings in the windows.
Mmmm I wannanother one!! :P

Our Hotel
The Room
Us @ the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House
We took a drive up to Logan to see where the kids were born. We drove by our little apartment.. drove up the rode that Glenn would bike to school, to be told by Glennie... "that's not that big of a hill... I can easily do it!!" Drove by the hospital they were born at, had lunch @ Sizzler - believe it or not... we actually miss Sizzler. We were surprised how much Logan has grown. But I guess it was 14 years ago that we left there.
Our first place - we were the bottom left in Logan
Glenn at USU
After our trip to Logan we met up with Trish and her family at Leatherby's. Lemme tell ya... if you are ever in SLC... Leatherby's is a must eat. Mmmmmm (see I told you my trip was about good eats)
I think it's law to go here if you visit UT
Me & Trish
Traci's Peanut Butter Sundae
Kaitlin was just as excited to see Kylee as I was to see Trish!! Kylee and Kaitlin have been friends since they were 3. So Kylee got to come spend the night with us at our hotel since the next day we were meeting them in Tooele to check out our old houses. We headed out to Tooele the next day, drove by the old houses and went to our hang out spot... "Dairy Delight". This was the ONLY place that sold Diet Coke's with Vanilla...and it was mine and Tricia's spot most mornings to get our vanilla cokes!! We do love their bacon swiss burgers too... so just had to stop in for one of those. Both my Glenn's got the 'Old fashioned" it's 1/2lb and as big as their heads! They made it a contest to see who got done first... Glennie had a head start...but Glenn managed to win. They both finished and were oh, so proud!!
Kylee spending the night... Glennie got the floor!! :)
Kaitlin & Kylee
Our first home in Tooele
Mmmm... dairy delight

After Tooele, we headed to Temple Square...did some touring and exploring and then crashed at Olive Garden for some eatin' before heading back to the hotel. We had some leftovers and no place to put them, so the boys took off with our boxes to find a bum and give them a meal.
Kids @ Salt Lake Temple
The boys looking for a bum to give away some food
It was soooo much fun... too hot...wonderful eats...pretty...too to see old to see old friends... too hot...oh ya - did I mention how hot it was?? 100-105 blech.
As we drove home and came in the Denver area - it just felt good to be back home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We headed out of town last weekend and went camping at Pawnee Campground at Brainard Lake. Sooo much fun and so nice to get out of the heat. The nights were nippy and the days perfect. This is one of those places that if you don't have a spot reserved by February then you are out of luck.

We went with my brother, Jeff, SIL Sara and their kids. We all had such a good time and plan on making it a yearly thing.
Setting up camp
Hailey & Sam
The Glenn's
Kaitlin & Sam
The Views
The St. Vrain River

Ben,Kaitlin, Hailey and Kenna



Brainard Lake

Me & Glenn

Kaitlin & Glenn

Brainard Lake

Kaitlin in a tree

Kaitlin with her cousins

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad things come in 3's or 4's??

Either way... we've hit and passed our limit.

1. Kaitlin's cell phone got water damage - no insurance

2. My cooktop cracked and needs to be replaced - no more warranty

3. Our home was burglarized and sentimental possessions were stolen. A total of at least $8,800 worth of stuff. :(

4. My kitty Zoey fell 12-13' off our banister onto the tile floor below and landed on her face. Imagine a cat with a bloody nose??? Not normal. LUCKILY the vet says no broken bones and she will be fine.

We're done, now can we go on living, please??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

"I'm 'uber' bored" - tends to be the trend for the summer around the Ellis household. The kids are bored and constantly ask me... 'What are we doing today Mom??' If I have an appraisal sometimes they come along. They know they will usually get a lunch out of it!! Kaitlin announced the other day 'I dont even get paid to help you'... I replied... sure you do... through competitive soccer!! The dues and tournaments are outrageous - so it's pay back!! :)

All too soon, we will be running around with our heads cut off doing school stuff, choir concerts, band concerts, soccer practice and games all the while forgetting what an 'uber' boring summer it was. Maybe we should be grateful for this down time! :)
Not much to blog about lately...
Zoey got bit or scratched by Izzy which got infected and then abscessed....she still has an open wound....purdy disgusting too. At least she doesn't have a fever anymore and is back to her cute playful self. The vet told me she is pretty much full grown - so fun for us to always have a small petite kitty...altho- they told me she can grow as wide as she is long, since she is the type that gets bored and wants to graze on food all day!!
Garden's a growing - so far no mole in the garden. We've see a few mole holes in the landscaping behind the house and have 1 hole in a flower bed area... but so far the garden is spared!! Can't wait for fresh corn on the cob!! We've purchased some at grocery stores... it's just not the same as FRESH corn from the garden or the farm!!
This is Glenn's 6th year on a softball team with guys from the ward. His games are every Tuesday night. We have fun watching Glenn play - Go go daddy-ooooo
Kaitlin took the video of Glenn at bat
July should be filled with fun and lots to blog about, camping, maybe another lake trip, Glenn & Glenn's high adventure trip (if they bring a camera), 2 birthdays and the 4th of July fun!