Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kaitlin made Varsity!!!!

Congrat's Kaitlin - she officially made the Varsity Soccer team at PVHS!! Way to go!! We are so proud of you!!

Choir Concert

Glenn all dressed up.
The whole choir. It was a nice night... only 45 minutes long - PERFECT in my opinion. They sounded great and everyone did a wonderful job.

Arizona Soccer Tournament

Poor guys... we got slapped, spanked and crushed in the Arizona tournament. Guess that happens when you play 3 teams that are ranked in the top 10 in the state. We lost every game, 1st one was 5-0 second one was 6-1 and the last game was 9-0. Even though they got their butts kicked... they still had a good time as a team and getting to know each other. It was fun to be in another state with nice weather - where flip flops and capri's were just peachy keen. My feet get very angry at me if they have to wear shoes too long... so my feet were very happy!! :)
Also Grandma and Grandpa were there for a Square Dancing thing, so they came and watched every game with us, visited us in our hotel etc. Here's some photos
At the fields... after the last game. I would have thought we would have had green grass...the grass there was worse than what we have in CO right now!! Nutty.. Thanks Grandma for taking the photo...
Here's Glenn - #8

Here's Nick - #44
The team...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say it ain't so!!

My not so little boy, just got his driver's permit...
I can't believe we are in this phase of our lives already. I remember getting my permit, what seems not so long ago. The rules have sure changed from when I got my permit/license. Back in the day, you have driver's ed in school, then get your permit and when you turn 16 you get your license. Here, there was a couple options to choose from.. turn 15 pay $300-$400 for a 1 week class and so many hours of driving with an instructor get your permit and then drive 50 hours with mom and dad 10 of those being at night. OR wait until your 15 1/2 take a $30 drivers awareness (alive at 25 type class) get your permit and drive 50 hours with mom and dad(10 of which are at night). Both permits you have to have for 1 full year before you can get your license!! We opted for the 2nd choice... it costs less money.
After he got his permit, I took him on some unpopulated roads in Reunion to get a feel for the car... you forget what comes naturally to you. I told him to put his foot on the brake before putting it into gear... he did and was ready to put it into drive... then realized he was just resting his foot on the brake.. I guess he took 'put your foot on the brake' literally!! :) I guess I need to be more specific - put your foot on the brake and apply pressure!!!! LOL!!
He did great... drove around for about 15 minutes and decided to call it quits!! It was time to go back to school anyway!!
Congrats~~ I am so proud of you Glenn!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jack of all trades

Can I just brag ---- and say I LOVE MY MAN!! :)
Glenn took the day off work to work on the basement. I had appraisals today and came home to this...
I LOVE the way it is turning out!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Paint :)

We got the majority of the paint done... just need a second coat in the rec. room/hall/closets and bedroom. Check it out..
Glennie painting the theater room
Glenn prepping
Pool cue insert
Theater room ceiling - go glennie go! :) The ceiling was such a pain to paint
Kaitlin painting the darker color on the wall the TV will go
Painting in the rec room
Glennie painting in the hall
This is the closet/crawl space access and under the stair storage
This is what it looks like under the stairs - of course every kid LOVES this. Glennie has already said he wants to sleep in here!! :)
After the first coat was done
Theater room done - pic taken with no flash on the camera. So the color looks a tad bit off
Theater room - taken with the flash - still not true to the colors.. but closer
Wet bar area - taken without a flash
Wet bar area taken with a flash.. funny huh??
I got some silver stars to hang up on the wall.. I think they'll look good there.. with some Vinyl Letters that say NOW SHOWING and stars all around.. toooo fun!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basement Status

Brandon, the guy who did the drywall/mud/tape and texture, wrapped everything up and got done in 1 week... WOW.. amazing. (go here to his website) We couldn't believe how fast he got done and what a great job they did!!
Today Glenn sprayed the primer on and white ceiling paint. We are gonna roll the rest and paint in the next couple of days. It is looking so good.. we can't wait to have it done. Glenn has next Friday and the following Monday off and hopefully we can complete most everything then - cuz then after that the soccer season is in full swing and our Saturdays will likely be filled with outdoor, sunshine, fun and exciting times. Glennie had a scrimmage this morning and it was SOOO exciting to see his new team out on a real field(not indoor like they have since November) - they did awesome.. they played a U17 P2 team and tied them 1-1. (Glenn's team is U16 and ended up in Classic - thanks to CYS - oh well!! at least it looks like we will have one awesome season - slated to win most, if not, all our games)

Anyway - here's Glenn after spraying for 6 hrs... :)
Almost blends in with the wall!
This is the bedroom looking towards the closet and bathroom - all the tile has been purchased and ready for Glenn to install!!
This is the theater room.. soon this whole thing will be dark... dark gray/blackish/blueish tones.. no white ANYWHERE in this room :)
Rec. Room... The recessed part in the wall will hold the cue sticks for the pool table - got a stinking good deal on the pool table 2 Christmases ago.. $100 a walmart. Cheap and chincee but who cares... it will serve the purpose. Also those 2 closets will serve as our food storage closets.
Check back in a couple days - I plan on taking more photos when we paint the colors. I can't wait!! This is my favorite part.. the trips we take now to Home Depot are MY kind of trips - brainstorming, decorating and having things pull together are some of my favorite things to do!!