Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chatfield Fun

David & Collette were in town and called to invite us to a day of jet skiing at Chatfield!! We have NEVER been before so what a treat. We had the best time ever. My kids were a tad bit nervous to head out there, I almost had to force them at first. They were just being shy boogers!! Glenn took David back to the boat dock to get their cooler and stuff, so Collette's ready to go and said, 'Who's coming?'... my kids fought...'Glennie your oldest', 'No... Kaitlin the your the youngest so youngest goes first', 'No Glennie, your a boy, boys go first'... 'We'll just wait for dad' .... etc... they were both SO nervous. Finally after a couple minutes of persuading, Glennie went first and came back with a HUGE grin on his face... and Collette said, "He's crazy!!" LOL!!! :) Then Kaitlin went...
Here are some photos
Here's Glenn's 1st time...
David and Collette giving Kaitlin instructions
Who's neeeexxxxxt!! :)
Glenn & David
My favorite picture!!
Yeppers, they actually got me out there. After we got home and I looked at the photos... I about died laughing at myself and can't believe I went out there looking like that... but you know what - I had fun and that's all that mattered!! This was the 'best' photo of me - by best, I mean most hidden (hee hee) :)
David & Collette rented a tube too, so they got to go tubing. I have some video of that... soooo much fun. (check the videos out below) I think Kaitlin was the first to go tubing. Glenn and I said to Kaitlin, 'when you fall off...' All of a sudden she had that deer in the headlight look... like... what?? I am gonna fall off?? What do you mean I will fall off!! She looked like she was second guessing herself for doing it, then off they went!! It was one of those priceless moments!! :)
When Glennie got on the tube, David said he was testing Glennie to see how well he could do. So he took many corners and went faster... we had some good laughs from the beach. Glennie held on for a bit and then biffed it.
This is David
This is Collette

This is Glennie

Thank you David and Collette!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I L.O.V.E Colorado weather!!
So we get home from church today and start puttering in the kitchen for lunch. I look out the slider and thought... hmmmm that cloud looks like it's starting to form into something. So all our interests are peaked... we notice it's getting bigger and definatley a funnel cloud. Getting bigger
Starting to fall apart
After the tornado dissipated, the clouds darkened and storm got closer to our area. The sirens went off and there was a tornado warning in our area... sooo took my last few videos and pictures and into the basement we went.
Check out the video... coooll stuff!!