Friday, March 20, 2009


'Fighting is for wimps' that said by Glennie... he's the type of kid that will not throw a punch. He likes to use his 'soccer skills' - slide tackling, kicking, stepping on their feet, maybe throwing an elbow here or there... but has never thrown a punch (nor did he in the game).
Last Saturday he had a soccer game. We played Colorado Elite from Douglas County... it was a VERY good game, but the ref's let it get a little out of hand. There were fouls not called and the boys soon learned they could take it up a notch - on both sides. I'll tell ya, those boys on the Elite team should be given an Oscar for their great acting... wow... never seen it so good. Literally.. holding onto one of our players arms, then falling to the ground (our guy did not throw him down) and then he flopped on the ground raising his hands waiting for the ref to call a foul. Neither ref saw the so called 'foul'...but since he was on the golly there must have been something - RIGHT?? Smart kid that boy was... he got the foul and a PK at that... and lucky for them they scored.
The game ended in a tie 3-3. Our keeper made a mistake - mind you, he is a phenomenal keeper, just made a mistake - poor kid... he let their 3rd goal in within the last 2 minutes of the game. When the game ended, he was walking off the field, head down and shoulders slumped over... many of us on the sidelines were chatting by now, putting away our chairs and we hear, 'Fight...fight...' I looked to the other side of the field and our keeper was on the ground with what looked like the whole opposing team dog piled on top of him. Sooo what do you think happened... boys were coming to their teammates rescue... so there were punches thrown... on both sides.. sad to see a great game end this way. So now we are out 2 players for the next couple games... they got red cards... and we hear - for some reason - the other team got off scott free. WHATS UP WITH THAT??
I have to tell you how proud I was with the Club. They were not very happy with the boys for fighting... so after the game was over they spent about 20 minutes getting a talkin' to and had to do planks and push ups!! Here's what planks look like... I tell ya... having done them myself they are a KILLER!!! So the boys held these planks for quite some time... planks, then push ups, back to planks and then pushups... etc.
I was SOO impressed with the club... fighting is unnecessary and was glad the club 'punished' our boys. I was sad to see the other coach and his team walking off the field like they had no part in it. Sad - they threw punches too, they dog piled our keeper - it takes 2 to tango...
Scary thing is - we play them again May 2nd...
So anyway here are some pictures of the boys in trouble
Push Ups

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just had to :)

Cool thing with PVHS - they play the Star Spangled Banner and then announce the starters

It's sooo much fun!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boring lives...

Not much going on around here lately. Everyones getting over some colds/sickness, we are still working on completing the basement - have odds and ends stuff left to do. We've been to many soccer games lately... that's always fun and the highlight of our weeks. We have about 3 games per week lately... 2 for high school and 1 club game. Tonight we have one at Prairie View... should be fun - another cold one tho - tired of the cold.. can't wait till it warms up some.
Kaitlin is doing good on Varisty - she's a starter so that's awesome. Tuesday she played the whole game in Castle Rock... tonight we are hoping for the same since her club coach will be attending the game.
Glennie is loving his new team.... the boys are all great, they all get along and the parents are really nice too. It's been fun getting to know a bunch of new people. Soccer is our life and we look forward to every game. I think, when the kids are grown and gone Glenn and I will be extremely bored... Rapid season tickets here we come!! :)
We got our theater room chairs and watched Heroes in the Theater room Monday night. What fun that was!! Altho- now I wish we had DVR in there.. hate watching commercials.
The pool table is set up and numerous games of pool have been played. Kaitlin and I are a good match while Glenn and Glennie are a good match.
Here's some photos
Glennie falling down
Kaitlins PVHS team
Glenn's team
Love this form!!
Gut ball
Theater Room

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We have carpet! :)

YAY!! Finally...
We still have some things to do.. the counter for the wet bar area (cuz now the lights look off center... but as soon as we get the counter up it will be perfecto).. we need the doors shaved a tad - they are rubbing on the carpet, the water hooked up in the bathroom, fixtures in place, cork board for the dart board area, theater room chairs and the pool table set up. I LOVE the carpet... I wish I had it upstairs... it's so soft and squishy. Check it out
The beginning of the end
Glad we had a nice sunny warm day!!

Looking down the stairs
The bedroom
The bedroom looking toward the bathroom and closet
Theater room with the stadium seating. Gotta tack that rope light up under that step
Looking up the stairs and
Looking down the hall towards the rec room