Monday, July 26, 2010

VACA - Yeehaw!

VIVA Las Vegas!
While the kids were away, the parents will play!! :)
The kids went on a pioneer trek, across the Wyoming plains and we thought, 'hey.... why should we be stuck at home'. So, we high tailed it out of Denver into the desert heat of Sin City.
We stayed at the Monte Carlo - kinda in the center of the action. Was fun to walk out of the hotel and across the street to M&M World - seriously FUN store!!
We left after dropping the kids off at the stake center for their trek. Our plane was a tad bit late - but we were entertained with some airport drama. A young family got to the gate just as the doors were closing and the man got just a TAD irate that he missed his plane. He was yelling at the lady behind the counter which turned into some racial slurs... the lady called the cops and 4 cops came and calmed the guy down. Our whole section of the airport was SO quiet listening to this man, berate this woman. His poor wife, just sat away from them - quiet as could be - I'm sure she was a tad bit embarrased. So there was our Vegas pre-entertainment.
We got into town, checked into the hotel, met up with Kathy & Alan and took off to meet Trish & Gregg at Dicks Last Resort ( at the Excalibur. What a FUNNY place - they were rude, obnoxious and downright funny. We laughed the WHOLE time. Those who ordered water were forced to share. Our water came out in pitchers with HUGE straws out of them. It was Hilarious. They wouldn't bring us menus - in fact told us to get off our butts and go look at the ones posted on the wall. Need napkins?? Well they will just throw them at ya!! LOL... It was a great way to start the trip.
Then we saw the Bellagio and had dessert at the Bellagio. We went swimming a couple times and saw most all the hotels. Ate at Excalibur, NY NY, Luxor, Venetian and Monte Carlo. We saw some AMAZING shows.. KA at the MGM and Le Reve at the Wynn. Now for the pictures!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Altitude Sickness and a Hike

Yep - I got it!! I had a headache, a bloody nose, fatigue (duh - a hike will do that to you), loss of appetite & some minor swelling. I put our hike into sparkpeople and it said I burned 3045 calories. Yeah - that's not a typo - it was over 3,000 calories burned!! WAHOOOO - Ummm, hello - then why didn't I lose any weight... that was until today. I think the swelling and all my symptoms finally left. I dropped 2lbs!!
The headache stayed with me the rest of camping and for a couple days afterwards. In fact it was finally gone today. I took it easy and didn't workout yesterday morning, rather had a leisure day and just hung out with Glenn, went to the pool and grocery shopped.
So while camping, we decided to go on a hike with everyone. According to an app on my phone, Brainard Lake is at 10,300' in elevation and we hiked to Blue Lake which is 11,500' in elevation. So 3 miles uphill and a 1,200' gain.
Here are some photos of our hike:
The trail
Us at Mitchell Lake - 1 mile into the hike
The kids at Mitchell Lake
Glenn & I
Cool lakes - awesome sceneryThe trail - wait - you dont see it?? Oh - look hard - see those rocks?? Yeah - that's the trail. My inner thighs and hips hurt so bad from side stepping those boogers.
The BEST part of the trail!!
Blue Lake - we made it!! Well - I should say 'I' made it!! :) Glenn told me the hike was easy - I then told him to add 80 extra pounds to his frame and then see what he says!! :))

Waterfall at Blue Lake

We watched a skier skiing at Blue Lake.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hi-Ho the Derry-O

A camping we wil go!! We took our annual camping trip to Pawnee Campground @ Brainard Lake Recreation Area. It's Colorado beauty at it's finest!! We were worried this year, since we were robbed last year while we were camping, but all turned out peachy keen this year!! :)
Brainard Lake - Picture Perfect
All the cousins together. (From l-r: Hailey, Makenna, Sophie, Kaitlin, Abby, Glenn, Sam and Ben)
Our camp spot.... we manage to get it every year. Love it!!
My family at Brianard Lake
Glenn & I at Brainard Lake
Gotta dutch oven cook at camp - right??
Ham, Egg, Hasbrown and Cheese Casserole - YUM!! We only have this dish twice, camping and Christmas morning.
Holy Marshmallow!!
Gotta roast starbursts when you go camping, they are DIVINE!!