Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Half of my family is possessed. See, here's the proof.
(no I didn't doctor the photos in any way , I swear!!!)
That leaves me, Glenn and Izzy as the sane ones. :p

Monday, October 4, 2010

Downtown and Little Man's

On 16th Street in The Highlands neighborhood is Little Man's Ice Cream. A quaint little place that is sure to please. We found Little Man's in early summer and have gone numerous times. They make their ice cream, sorbet and gelato fresh every day, so the flavors will differ frequently.
A short walk over I-25 and over the Platte River into downtown, right near Union Station and Confluence Park. It's fun to explore downtown.

Make sure if you go, you wave to the drivers below. It's fun seeing how many wave back and hearing the trucks blow their horns

A look towards 16th Street Mall
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and we had to take them here. Here's Glennie and Grandma at Little Man's
Such cool places to take photos.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Glenn had plans to go to homecoming. Those plans were all but foiled, by his own doing, due to his grades. But in the 11th hour, he pulled them up. No surprise there... Glennie works well in the 11th hour!! :) But even though his grades were better, they aren't the best... so he could not drive himself and Aubrey to homecoming, rather than, call a limo service. They got lucky and got a minivan to drop them off (Aubrey's parents) and a Nissan Versa (REALLY short limo) to pick them up (Glenn and I)

Aubrey was dropped off at our house which we turned into G&T Steakhouse. After a quick photo shoot, onward to their dinner reservation and meal. Glenn was Chef 'G' for the night and I was the hostess. We took out the leaf in our table, set the settings with china and crystal candle holders, lit the candles, moved away all the chairs and played some classical music for them.

Here's some photos

Fine Dining at G&T Steakhouse

Glennie Junior year homecoming

Glenn with Chef G

Grandparents were in town, so they got to see first hand all the fun

G&T Steakhouse Menu - only took Glenn and I about 2 hrs to make this up. Then when we decided it was perfect, we laminated it. Some of the items were crossed out, we explained to our patrons that we ran out of the 'crossed out' items earlier that week.

Glenn and Aubrey

Glenn and Aubrey

Glenn and Aubrey

Chef G working his magic

Fun and Cheap Dinner

Chef G serves all his patronsDig In

Can't kick off your shoes at Olive Garden now can ya!! :)

The end of their 4 course meal

The hostess with the mostess serving the two

We had a blast being a restaurant. I see more dining experiences with G&T STeakhouse in the future. Glenn and Aubrey had a lot of fun and said they'd do it again.