Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Glenn turned 17 on August 10th. Here's a photo of him on his blessing day, he was about 1 month old. He always puckered his lips like this, was SO cute!!
The beginning of our family. Photo was taken outside our apartment in Logan, UT on Glenn's blessing day. Totally digging the early 90's style!! :) Glenn's 1 year old here
Here he's 2
Here he's 17...
Kaitlin, Glenn and Glenn's girlfriend Aubrey
Seriously can't believe I have a kid who is ... 17

Say it aint so!! Just seems crazy!! I can't believe that 17 years have gone by. My 5lb 11oz baby turned into a 143lb. 5'8" young man, getting whiskers, muscles, deep voice and a girlfriend to boot.

Glenn was born 3 weeks early. I had to be induced. I had hypertension, was on bed rest and blood pressure was to the point they were not too thrilled. So into the hospital the night before to 'prep' my uterus. I was not ready to have this baby, he was NOT ready to come out. They started me on pitocin the next morning, right at 6AM. Long drawn out day. Pain was not fun and I think they gave me demerol?? Not sure... but I remember being loopy and my Auntie Dianne calling me and laughing at/with me!! :)

So finally 9 at night comes around... they check me, I was at a 4 and they start the blood work for the epidural. They tell me to go to the bathroom one more time... I felt like pushing. I tell Glenn, 'somethings not right but it realllllllly hurts and my body was just pushing.. get the nurse'. He proceeds to tell me, ' you're fine, you're ok' All the while I am saying... 'no I'm not, get the nurse, get the nurse, get the nurse! The nurse comes in, checks me and says... "oh my, he's crowning... we gotta wheel you into delivery. DONT push!"

As they were wheeling me in to the delivery room, I am saying.. "What about my epidural?" - over and over again. They knew I was scared so gave me a pudenal block - DONT EVER GET ONE OF THOSE!!! The shot hurt worse than labor itself and wore off during delivery.

Anyhoo - Glennie popped out in 20 minutes time and I felt GREAT afterwards. Like I just got done a great exercise routine! LOL - seriously.. I did.. was up and at it and makeup hair etc done, I felt great.
Crazy to think how time flies & how fast kids grow!

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The Ashby Family said...

Happy Birthday Glennie! To think that I have known your cute face for 14 years. Sometimes scary and other times exciting!